Investment Property – the New Vs Old

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With reference to the latest blog of the Real Estate Investor Magazine

Wealth Assist (previously known as Property Assist) has already predicted these investment property trends and started to create unique real estate investment opportunities in the residential, commercial, and development space from 2013. They also assist accredited real estate investors by providing advice to real estate investors related to these new and sometimes unfamiliar investment products. Real Estate Investors that have joined this chariot and participated in these real estate impact investments through Wealth Assist have been privileged to earn returns for more than 7 years at 17% plus p.a. whilst making a social and financial impact.

The biggest challenge with these new models and approach is that the real estate investor is exposed to opportunities which he or she may not really understand. This why real estate investors who are in the novice and or intermediary class need to ensure that they ask advice from sound real estate investment advisory companies like Wealth Assist or investment coaches with proven track records to ensure that they understand the risk related and the security in these opportunities. One of the main red flags is if the company introducing the investment opportunity is the developer themselves and thus no third parties are involved in the due diligence of the investment opportunity. Wealth Assist provides a platform where real estate investment opportunities can be listed after it has gone through proper due diligence, security verified, and returns confirmed by professionals in the industry and only then be made available to accredited investors. This helps the real estate investor to avoid potential pitfalls due to a lack of knowledge and unknowns.    

Wealth Assist believes that the traditional models have their place and should not be ditched but rather be improved by changing certain structures, risks, methods of securing higher growth, and use innovation to improve it. Developers, real estate owners who may want to raise capital and improve these models are welcome to get in touch with Wealth Assist to strategize with their Real Estate Solution Team to see how that can be done and also introduce it to the Wealth Assist Investor database if it qualifies. There will always be the real estate investor who is grounded in the initial foundational principles of the asset class and believe in buying real estate keeping it and will provide inflation-beating returns.  

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