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The primary business of Assist Group is to source real estate owners on the one hand, who require assistance and recreate their world through real estate under controlled circumstances, and real estate investors on the other hand, to assist financially through real estate transactions, thus benefitting both real estate investors and the real estate owners. 

Assist Group utilises various real estate investment products and solutions developed over time and conducting its business in co-operation with its power partners, ambassadors, staff on demand, and associates as well as other role players in the real estate industry to provide the best possible solution. 

Assist Group is desirous of expanding its business operations by issuing Licences to specific Ambassadors, which Licences grant the Ambassadors the right to utilise Assist Group’s Intellectual Property and to market Assist Group and it’s real estate investment products and solutions in situations where Assist Group holds valid mandates. The Ambassadors will receive a specified commission on each successful transaction wherein the Ambassador introduced a real estate investor or real estate owner by securing a written mandate to with either parties which leads to a successful real estate transaction being concluded between such Investor and an real estate owner for which Assist Group holds a valid mandate.

Our Estate Agent Participation Program

We have developed a special program with courses specifically designed for Estate Agents to earn commissions from our organization by partnering with us. To start your journey with us as an Estate Agent Power Partner you can watch our Introduction Course and complete the application form you will find at the end of the course.

Despite the fact that this course is designed specifically for Estate Agents, we recommend this for all Ambassadors, regardless of whether you intend to work only as a Lead Source (Level 1) or as a Level 2 Ambassador. We have provided a comprehensive guide to how you can earn commissions through a partnership with us and you may find that you are able to move from a level 1 to level 2 with a few simple steps and earn a higher commission.

Complete Course

The “Estate Agent Participation Program: Introduction” should be completed


Click “Apply”  as the final step of the course to start your ambassador journey


You will be contacted for an online or in-person consultation and upon qualification you will sign an agreement

Start Earning

Receive your free marketing pack and training material to start earning

Real Estate Owner Referral Partner

Level 1 - Lead Source
  • Source and introduce Real Estate Assist to the Real Estate Owner
  • Register Real Estate Owner’s contact details on the Real Estate Assist Platform
Level 2 - Property Owner Ambassador
  1. Referral Fee of 1.5% plus VAT
      • Source and Introduce the Company to the Real Estate Owner 
      • Register Real Estate Owners contact detail and real estate information with the Company online
  2. Ambassador: Sourcing Fee of 1.5% plus VAT
      • Source the Property Owner and introduce Assist Group to the Property Owner
      • Register Real Estate Owners contact detail and real estate information on the Assist Group platform
      • Sign the Deal Solution Application document and upload it to the Assist Group platform
      • Collect minimum required supporting documentation for Pre-Qualification 
      • Sign the Term Sheet and Deal Solution Mandate with the Real Estate Owner 
      • Collect minimum required supporting documentation for Investment & Risk Committee approval
      • Sign Deal Solution Presentation with the Real Estate Owner

Real Estate Investor Referral Partner

Level 1 - Lead Source
  • Source and Introduce Real Estate Investors to the Company.
  • Register Real Estate Investors with Wealth Assist on the Assist Group Platform.
Level 2 - Real Estate Investment Consultant
  • Introduction to Assist Group property investment vehicles and products 
  • Signing of the mandate and related documents with property investors to start the investment process 
  • Arrange signature for Instructions to invest, payment of any investment amounts into the attorney’s trust account 
  • Arrange signing of agreements when transactions selected and concluded  
  • Signing of the final accounts and reports after transactions are completed  
  • Manage any relationship matter s between Assist Group and the investor or Property Investment Managers
  • Introduce any new products as implemented by the company from time to time to the property investors

Already an Ambassador?

Great! Our referral program is an excellent way to create passive income. You can follow the link below to input any referrals. You have to apply first and receive a unique ambassador code to be able to send us your referrals