Connecting Distressed Property Owners & Property Investors to a Symbiotic Impact Investment Platform

Assist Group has one main goal and that is to impact the lives of Property Owners who require assistance whilst offering secure above-average returns to Impact Real Estate Investors. This goal can only be met when both these parties’ expectations are achieved

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After experiencing the destructive effects of auctions on the lives of families for years, Assist Group founders decided that there should be a better way to invest in property other than making a profit from the misfortune of other people.​ This is how Real Estate Assist and Wealth Assist work in synergy to create a win-win solution for all involved.

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Services for Distressed Owners

Stop Legal Action

Keep Your Home

Improve and Sell

Real Estate, Consolidate debt, unlock cashflow or equity.

Return to Financial Security

Consolidate Debt and Improve Credit Score

Unlock Cash Flow or Equity

Assist to Own Real Estate

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Recovery Investments


Instalment Sale Recovery

Recovery Bond

Assist to Own

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On Sale Investments


Instalment Sale Breather

Joint Venture Sale

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Wealth Assist is a direct real estate investment advisory company, that guides you to make real estate investments in alignment with your goals. Wealth Assist disrupts the traditional direct real estate investment models by assisting real estate owners in distress through Real Estate Assist by utilizing their assets to help them recover, whilst the Investor receives real estate as security and predetermined contractual returns, which creates a compounding effect.

Recreating Your World Through Real Estate

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We are an exponential kingdom Real Estate organization that inspires, leads and sets the trend in the utilization of real estate to make people free.

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We consistently implement unique, collaborative real estate-based solutions in line with current real estate trends to address the needs of and create wealth for real estate owners and all stakeholders through enhancement of relationships and established governance procedures on a global platform.

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Massive Transformative Purpose

Recreating Your World Through Real Estate

What our customers say about us

RPS Fruit CC
RPS Fruit CC
22:02 19 Jun 20
When I was going through a rough financial challenge in 2018/2019, they stepped in and took control of an out of... control situation with faith, wisdom and professionalism & by the grace of God & with applied knowledge were able to salvage a very bad situation for me. I am so grateful & thankful that I knew Daniél Lombard & The Property Assist Team at that time and that they were Willing and ready to help me along with a lot of prayer & miracles I came out on top! Thank you and God bless more
Emilea Smith
Emilea Smith
09:42 20 Jan 20
They share the same values and they really help families to retain their property.
Jodine Kirsten
Jodine Kirsten
08:14 17 Mar 19
Great place
Ashley Puren
Ashley Puren
14:55 24 Aug 18
As a long time property investor & having run my own letting agency for many years, I have found the team at Property... Assist fantastic to work with, helpful, caring & knowledgeable in their approach to providing creative solutions to problems that so often arise in the property more
Alain Opperman
Alain Opperman
07:47 19 Jun 18
Hillmar Ross
Hillmar Ross
19:17 22 Mar 18
They offer Property Solutions, unlock equity, stop legal actions and help you keep your property before it goes on Sale... in more
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Ready to Invest?

Wealth Assist Provides Predetermined, Above Average Returns for Real Estate Investors with Real Estate as Security.

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Need a Solution?

Real Estate Assist Offers Solutions for Distressed Homeowners to Consolidate Short-term Debt as an Alternative to Debt Review