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Assist Group: Impact Investments The South African Mortgage Debt Solution!

a Debt crisis is not a new thing, especially not in South Africa. What is new, however, is the way in which The Assist Group is mitigating the effects of the debt crises for many South Africans. The Assist Group is a Property Advisory firm that provides impact property investments and mortgage debt solutions to individuals.

Connecting distressed property owners and property investors to a symbiotic impact investment platform. Assist Group has one main goal, which is to find solutions for distressed property owners in South Africa who need help and advice. They can offer secure above-average returns to impact real estate investors because both parties Distressed homeowners and Property Impact Investors succeed when working together.

The Assist Group is a community in business to provide opportunities for those around us, and we do this by:

  • Including individuals with investing skills who want an opportunity that allows them freedom while also providing measurable social impact alongside high returns -Embedding our mission into every aspect of what we do so, you can feel confident knowing your money will go towards making the world better.
  • Income property has become the new normal for many people. Helping real estate owners in distress, unlocking equity from their properties, and restoring them back to full ownership will provide financial stability with peace of mind.
  • We are a property company that offers a solution for homeowners in need in South Africa. Our unique program helps homeowners get back on their feet and into ownership by unlocking equity from real estate assets so they can address any financial needs, such as paying off debt or saving money towards retirement while still being able to stay living at home with family members while we deal with the challenges together.
  • The best way to minimize the potential loss of your real estate is by providing alternative mechanisms that will maximize proceeds. This enables future homeownership and helps you get back on track with your credit status and financial freedom in South Africa.
  • Our mission is to empower real estate owners, investors, and stakeholders with education so that they can become financially free in South Africa Through property and Impact investments.

Businessman stopping domino effect with his finger. Business solutions concept.
Businessman stopping domino effect with his finger. Business solutions concept.

Assist Group’s Impact Investing Model

What makes The Assist Group unique is its impact investing model through Wealth Assist. This model allows investors to make an impact while making above average returns on their investments, the company believes in giving back to the community, which has a direct positive impact on the people of South Africa. The Assist Group has been able to help many people and property owners in South Africa get back on their feet through (Real Estate Assist) by providing them with affordable and sustainable debt and mortgage solutions, by Stopping auctions and repossessions, and consolidating debt with their very unique approach.

The Assist Group is a company that focuses on providing debt solutions to South Africans. With an estimated 40% of the population being in need of some type of assistance, this company has set out to find ways for people to live more comfortably and not have their lives controlled by debt. The Assist Group provides various services for both individuals looking for help with their mortgage or property in South Africa, as well as property owners in South Africa who are looking at financing options and loan alternatives.

The Assist Group is a debt solutions company that was founded around 2010. It has been making a significant impact in South Africa by helping people to get out of debt and gain control of their lives again. Their services include:

Real Estate Assist Logo
  • Return on Investment of 17% p.a.
  • 75% or Less of market value
  • Property Impact Investments
  • Predetermined Contractual Returns
  • Compounded Returns and Monthly Payouts
  • Property Investment Advisory
  • Prevetted and Risk Mitigated Property as Security
  • Retirement Investments that payout monthly
  • Free Property Investment Consultations
  • On Sale (Property Flips and Superflips)
  • Free Property Seminars and Webinars
Impact Investment South Africa

South African Investment Advisory

Wealth Assist is an investment advisory firm that takes on ambitious projects to help clients achieve their financial dreams. Our team of experts has a diverse background in finance and real estate, which gives us unique insight into the industry as well as targeted solutions for any investor’s needs – from exponential returns with minimal risk or whole-life portfolio management strategies based around your goals!

Wealth Assist is a disruptive investment firm that specializes in exponential real estate impact initiatives. We offer unique, niche products to help you achieve your financial goals through targeted investments and passive income so the money can work for YOU!

Wealth Assist has created a revolutionary way for private investors to grow their wealth and achieve above-market returns. Our highly personalized service ensures that you will have an expert by your side every step of the journey.

Impact Investment South Africa

We are confident about our ability to generate tangible results through this program because it was designed specifically with only one goal: helping people like yourself increase income-generating opportunities while at the same time enjoying peace of mind knowing you are making an impact and social impact in South Africa with ethical investments.

Wealth Assist’s Stress Free Property Investments In South Africa

Wealth Assist takes the Stress out of Investing in property with their predetermined property ROI.

Predetermined ROI

Wealth Assist also provides contractual predetermined returns on investment through property investing which is unheard of in the South African Property market.

Wealth Assist offers unparalleled returns on investment through property investing. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those who can get their hands on this innovative and revolutionary service!

Retiring Financial Free in South Africa

Retirement property investments with Wealth Assist ensures secure investments with predetermined returns and low risk to empower you with financial freedom at an old age with no concerns over debt and not having enough and taking the stress out of investing with a property advisor taking care of and ensuring every step of the way and in constant communication with you.

Financial and Property Legal Guidance in South Africa

Wealth Assist is a company that provides financial and legal guidance to help novice investors as well as those with more experience. They offer multiple service options for everyone who wants better returns on their property investments, so whether you’re just starting out or have been in this game forever – Wealth Assist will make sure your financial success grows exponentially while making a difference!

A New Way to Invest in Property In South Africa

Wealth Assist has created a new way to invest in real estate by leveraging other people’s assets, with the security and predetermined returns that you’re looking for. This is not just any old savings account though – because it compounds over time! Wealth Assist is a revolutionary way to make your money work harder for you.

Wealth Assist is a Property investment disruptor in South Africa

We make sure your investment is always protected financially and emotionally. You can be rest assured knowing that you will never have to worry about the risk of losing money again with these guaranteed compound returns!

We all know the feeling of waking up to a stack full of bills and not knowing how you’re going to pay your debts. However, there is an investment strategy that can help with this problem: pre-determined compounded returns! This means putting money into investments so they continue making a profit even after we’ve paid off our debt – which gives us more cash flow right away as well as stability in case anything happens later on downstream (like economic difficulties).

The best way to diversify your investments is with a predictable, reliable yield. Yields that are cash flow positive from day one and provide you the opportunity for greater growth in future years!

One of The Best Property Investment ROI in South Africa

Return On Investment (ROI) of 17%+ p.a., substantially higher than what the current Real Estate investment market can offer through conventional methodologies and much more affordable for those who are not high net-worth individuals or professionally managed funds looking to invest in this space alike

The return on your money is guaranteed with a property that’s earning you an annual profit upwards of 17%, 20%, 25% even 30% with the property as security.

Wealth Assist is a specialist asset originator and Real Estate investment strategist team. We work with high net-worth clients to ensure they receive the best possible outcome for their financial goals, from planning an estate or investing in property

we’re dedicated exclusively to finding solutions tailored specifically towards each individual client which has been proven time after again as one thing sets us apart – personalized service across all your needs.

No upfront costs and all-inclusive management fees

With no up-front costs and all-inclusive management fees, this company will take care of everything for years down the road so that when it came time to sell again – they were already there waiting with open arms ready to make sure things go smoother than ever before.

Pre-vetted and Risk Mitigated Property Investments in South Africa

Wealth Assist offers a safe and secure way to invest in real estate with high chances for profit. They provide pre-vetted opportunities that have been screened by industry specialists, giving you peace of mind before taking any risks or making significant investments on your own behalf

Wealth assist provides structured investment vehicles through which individuals can create wealth without risking their capital; they are committed to not only offering diversification but also protection against market fluctuations with due diligence for their clients and vet them before listing so you can invest in property without worrying about it being risky or not providing adequate returns like many other types of property investments in South Africa might have done historically because they didn’t undergo a rigorous screening process beforehand.

PREVE Property Investor South Africa

PREVE is a revolutionary new way to invest in real estate. You can secure 24HOUR PRE-SELECTION of available investment opportunities through becoming an insider with complete access, before anyone else has even seen them!

PREVE Property Investor Quick Signup Membership

Stop foreclosure and Repossession

Real Estate Assist

Keep your Home in and Stop Repossession in South Africa

We offer a number of solutions to help you get out from under your debt. We Stop Foreclosure, Repossessions, and Auction, which will stop any legal action against yourself while also protecting the home that’s been collateral for all those credit cards or personal loans! That means no more worries about being Evicted with Real Estate Assist’ services… we take care of everything so it doesn’t happen!.

The Best Debt Review Alternative in South Africa

The Best Alternative to Debt Review in South Africa, Without any of the negative connotations associated with it! Each year over one million people are chased out by their mortgage company – this doesn’t just put a strain on those individuals involved:

It also has wide-ranging implications for our economy as a whole because most homeowners would rather keep up payments than move into another home or apartments which leaves an entire class without viable housing options.

Consolidate Current Short Term Debt Without Going Through A Debtor Education Class Or Taking Money From Your paycheck To Pay For Counseling Services That Are Likely Not Helpful At All.

Real Estate Assist Provides Tailored Solutions to your mortgage debt situation and has plenty of startegies and funding and the heart for people to achieve full homeownership and to stop repossession from happening to families in South Africa.

South Africa Repossession Prevention Services

We don’t want to see you lose your home. With proven solutions that are saving hundreds of homes from going into default – and helping them stay in their communities for years with families and relationships Restored! We also see restoration to full homeownership and credit status restoration.

We’re here to help you stop the auction of your home! With our professional services, we can negotiate with banks and get them off your back. No more worries about being evicted or losing property-we’ll work hard so that no one takes away what’s yours any time soon

Mortgage Debt South Africa

Eviction and Repossession Prevention Services in South Africa

Banks may seem like an inevitable part of today’s society but there are alternatives – Real Estate Assist will do everything possible not just for homeowners who want their properties saved from foreclosure auctions, even if they owe more than R3.5 million Rand on it (and earn a steady income).

Mortgage Eviction Prevention in South Africa

Your home is your most valuable asset. And when you’re in mortgage trouble, it can be difficult to know what step should next – whether that means selling or trying more traditional ways like negotiating with creditors for lower payments on loans; refinancing (if possible); filing bankruptcy protection… there are so many options! But one thing’s certain: Real Estate Assist has helped many homeowners keep their homes by stopping evictions and repossession consolidating short-term debt without any upfront costs. If you have mortgage debt in South Africa and want the best mortgage debt solution contact Real Estate Assist ASAP

Keep your home! We’re here to help you stay in it and prevent the bank from taking away all that’s yours.

To do this, we need a residential property valued at up to R3.5 million or more with an income stable enough! Don’t let the bank repossess your property before contacting Real Estate Assist for the best eviction prevention solutions and services in South Africa.

Consolidate your Debt and Improve your Credit Score

When you are in debt, it can feel like the world is against you. But there’s a way to get back on your feet and make important changes that will affect not just how much money comes into play but also what kind of legacy left behind! With our help at Real Estate Assist, we’ll work hard so no more auctions or consolidations need to happen- all without having to go through any unnecessary formalities such as debt review sessions with credit counselors who only delay recovery time by minutes instead of giving a lasting debt solution and taking care of your debts once and for all.

In the same way, people are not aware they can stop the auction of their property, almost everyone believes debt review is the only option for settling or consolidating debt. Real Estate Assist helps you recover from current short-term debt without debt review or debt counseling. Recover your credit score in South Africa without further delay and stop living with debt in South Africa when there are better debt solutions.

Unlock Property Equity In South Africa

Unlock the equity in your property in South Africa to settle debts and return to financial security.

We have helped countless people in debt get back on their feet – all it takes is one call for you too! The best part? It doesn’t cost an arm or leg (or bank account) as we’ll handle everything from start-to-finish so that by the time this process has finished, not only will there be no more outstanding loans related problems weighing down negatively impacting both credit scores AND cash flow but also extra money available each month to live comfortably and without the stress of debts.

Improve to Sell (Don’t sell under stress)

When you sell your home, it’s important to make sure that the profit from the sale will be marginally improved. We offer this service for any qualifying homeowners and can help you improve and sell your home and take the stress out and the need to sell below market value because of financial pressure.

The Input is about improving one’s selling power by renovating their real estate first with the help of investors before listing on markets – which I think would benefit those seeking either more money or better opportunities when selling the property due to its added value provided during renovations. If you want the best returns on the sale of your home in South Africa you need to make some improvements that are advised by property experts who know what property buyers are looking for before purchasing.

Property Agent Referral Program in South Africa

We encourage Estate Agents to participate in our Estate Agent Participation Program and earn commissions if they refer clients to us. where property agents in South Africa can earn a percentage of every deal either refering an investor to Wealth Assist or homeowner to Real Estate Assist.

Calling All Real Estate Agents in South Africa, when homes are not being sold or you need an extra income or passive income, this is the perfect property estate agent program that provides above-average referral fees to something you already do. No need for a side hustle when you can earn by already doing what you do best.

Property Estate Agent Referal Program South Africa | Real Estate Agent Participation Program South Africa | Real Estate Agent Side Hustles South Africa | Real Estate Agent Passive Income | Property Estate Agent Passive Income South Africa

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