How to enter the real estate market

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You can be assisted by Wealth Assist to enter the property market if you:

• qualify for flips (finance linked individual subsidy program) earning between R3500 to R22000 p.m.

• together with a group of friends qualify for bond financing or just have some cash available

• have some cash available (not qualifying for a bond or in combination with a bond)

• have proven consistent income (with impaired credit record) to purchase property

• can access some of your pension funds or expect pension pay-out shorty

• have an existing property or properties with low or no bond and with equity in your property or properties

• are a foreigner with part cash and meet the bond qualification criteria

• are just a property investor who wants to reach your goals with the correct strategy

• are an institutional investor with funds looking for income-generating investment opportunities that yield 13% plus ROI in the residential market and qualify for REIT

• are a private wealth investor who is looking for unique and alternative property investments with a proven track record for more than 6 years.

You can also enter the property investment market on your own but then we advise that you upskill as much as possible by attending property investment seminars, without being lured into paying exorbitant amounts, to get the basic information about property investment. Most of such service offerings and information about the subject is available in property investment magazines like Real Estate Investor Magazine and property investment industry articles like this one presented by Property Assist as property investment advisory.


Predetermine your affordability through a mortgage originator if you want to use bond finance. They will provide you with a pre-qualification certificate

• Determine what you want to invest and contribute in cash if you have it available

• Find a property investment originator/advisor to assist you and guide you on how to find property investments with a good yield

• Work out a strategic plan with the property investment originator/advisor regarding which investment opportunities to employ to achieve your investment goals in the shortest time with the least possible risk.

• Select your investment opportunities and get advice from your property advisor.

• Purchase and sign the agreements for your property investment.

• Revisit and measure your investment returns against your strategy and plan with your property investment advisor quarterly.

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